The REAL Reasons Avatar 2 Will Be TERRIBLE..

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The REAL Reasons Avatar 2 Will Be TERRIBLE..

Welcome back to Movie Frenzy, today on the channel we are going to find out Why Avatar 2 is not going to be good. How can a movie become the most popular cultural pop-up moment in its release window and then be deliberately and comfortably forgotten by the entire audience? Is there any purpose for stacking a sequel on top of something no one seems to have invested in anymore?
James Cameron is generally considered an excellent director. he has AliensAnd the position or terminationAnd the T2: Doomsday, Titanic, And more great artwork under his belt, however, symbol picture It sits firmly next to its name in every internet search term. The film is only interesting to discuss without reference to its content, yet it remains at the top of the list for one of the most iconic creative forces in cinema history.

It is difficult to say with any sense of certainty whether symbol picture Is it a good or bad movie? It doesn’t rank highly in either category and, like most films, has its advocates and critics. Most fans of the movie seemed perfectly happy to see it once or twice in an IMAX, and then let that experience untainted by future scenes. Those who saw it outside the initial box office window may have done so as a result of one of its many shows on Forex. The movie has sold about 30 million DVD copies worldwide, which means that few people have to exist in physical form. Although it was widely discussed and popular at the time, interest waned — the movie dropped onto Disney+ with little to no hype. Public discussion of the film in recent years has been limited to the aforementioned interest in the audience’s lack of interest, and the constant surprise that Cameron and the company are moving forward with the sequel.Find out Why Avatar 2 is not going to be good when you watch the whole video.

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