Most Honorable Movie Moments

Benjy · 2,187,761 views
0:00 Kick-Ass
3:57 Captain America: The First Avenger
4:59 Iron Man 3
7:18 Forrest Gump
13:50 Spider Man 2
17:29 X-Men: Apocalypse

Hey guys, today I put together my favorite honorable movie moments of all time. When I think of honorable, I think of someone putting their body/life on the line for someone else. Since superhero's tend to be pretty honorable by nature, this list is almost completely composed of superhero movies, which I'm sure yall wont mind. And I would have definitely added Iron mans sacrifice from Endgame if Marvel didn't like to block my videos so often. Also sorry for the mediocre quality of the Forest Gump clip, that was the best I could find. I hope you guys like my picks this time around!

Love you guys, stay safe and be good people.