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Western Movie in Full Length: Masterson of Kansas - In Kansas, fearing another Indian W*r, Sheriff Bat Masterson, Marshal Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday join forces to defuse tensions over grazing lands between Indians and greedy cattlemen.

Masterson of Kansas (1954)
Director: William Castle
Writers: Douglas Heyes (story), Douglas Heyes (screenplay)
Stars: George Montgomery, Nancy Gates, James Griffith
Genre: Western
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1 December 1954 USA
Filming Locations: Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park - 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles, California, USA

"Dodge City Sheriff Bat Masterson is out to prove that a group of cattlemen have framed Merrick for murder because he negotiated a treaty granting the Kiowas a reserve in the grass country that the cattlemen wanted for their own grazing land. Knowing that the tribes will wage w*r again if Merrick is executed, Masterson begins a search for Clay Bennett who testified he saw the murder. Joining him in the hunt is Marshal Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, both for different purposes. Although Masterson and Holliday have a long standing feud, the latter is persuaded by Merrick's daughter Amy to help." Written by Les Adams on

"Although the friendship of Marshal Wyatt Earp and gunfighter/gambler Doc Holiday is frontier legend and the subject of several movies, Dodge City's other famous lawman Bat Masterson and Holiday did not have the same feelings. That is the premise on which Masterson Of Kansas is built around, although the two are forced into alliance by exigent circumstances.

George Montgomery is in the title role and James Griffith plays Doc Holiday. The exigent circumstances are a threatened Indian w*r when John Maxwell who has worked for peace is accused of murdering the commanding officer at Fort Dodge on perjured testimony of David Bruce.

It all doesn't smell right to Montgomery who finds proof enough in the Indian village of Jay Silverheels the Comanche chief. At least proof enough for him if not the white man's court. After that he's on a mission to clear Maxwell and maybe win his daughter's hand who is played by Nancy Gates.

And if Montgomery and Griffith don't have enough to fight about the sight of Gates puts them both in heat. Bruce Cowling as Wyatt Earp has enough on his hands to keep these two from killing each other.

Masterson Of Kansas is a nice no frills B western directed by William Castle in a straightforward style that does not portray his penchant for gimmicky horror films. Doc Holiday is always an interesting character and James Griffith joins a respectable pantheon of players who have played Holiday over the years like, Cesar Romero, Victor Mature, Jason Robards, Jr., Kirk Douglas, and Val Kilmer. Griffith yields to none of them.

Fans of westerns and George Montgomery westerns will have little to complain about with Masterson Of Kansas." Written by bkoganbig on

Also Known As (AKA)
(original title) Masterson of Kansas
Austria Gangster, Spieler und ein Sheriff
Belgium (Flemish title) De schrik van de wetlozen
Belgium (French title) La terreur des sans-loi
Brazil Ases do Gatilho
Canada (English title) Masterson of Kansas
France La terreur des sans-loi
Greece (transliterated title) O synenohos ton Indianon
Italy I giustizieri del Kansas
Romania Masterson din Kansas
Spain Masterson de Kansas
Sweden Dödsfiender
Turkey (Turkish title) Kansas kurşunu
UK Masterson of Kansas
USA (working title) Bat Masterson, Bad Man
West Germany Gangster, Spieler und ein Sheriff

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