Divorce Invitation | Full Movie | Jamie-Lynn Sigler | Jonathan Bennett | Elliott Gould |Richard Kind

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Mike is head over heels for a Jewish girl. Deep into his rabid infatuation, he rushes into marriage — only to be blindsided by relentless nagging. Mike quickly learns communicating with a wife is completely different than a fiancée. Enter: the Girl Who Got Away. Unfortunately, Mike discovers that standing between him and a blissful divorce is an iron-clad pre-nup with one pretty extreme — and humiliating — stipulation: the couple must personally invite all the guests who attended their wedding to a Divorce Party. Oy vey.

Director: S.V. Krishna Reddy
Writers: S.V. Krishna Reddy, Bala Rajasekharuni
Starring: Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jonathan Bennett, Elliott Gould, Richard Kind, Lainie Kazan, Paul Sorvino, Jennifer Elize Cox, Amanda Leighton, Nadia Bjorlin, Greg Evigan