[Crazy Tsunami] Giant Crocodile Escapes from Cage and Starts Hunting Human | Action / Horror | YOUKU

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[Crazy Tsunami 狂鳄海啸 ] After the death of his wife, Jiang Peng (played by Rong Fei), a Chinese working hard in a country in Southeast Asia, lives with his daughter Jiang Xiaohu (played by Wang Yinglu) who is in the period of rebellion. When Jiang Peng worked hard to reach the top and helped the big capitalist Cha Wo (played by Liu Ximing) to deliver the key cargo - the legendary giant crocodile Gustav, he clashed with the residents of Chinatown who were suffering from the demolition of Cha Wo's company. A sudden tsunami trapped them in Chinatown, the crocodile Gustav broke out of the cage, and many lives were ruthlessly taken away. After conquering evil in tortuous experiences, people finally return to a peaceful and harmonious life.

★Starring: Rong Fei / Wang Yinglu / Liu Ximing / Wang Li Danni / Li Yang / Li Yan / Huo Weimin / Xi Tong

[Crazy Tsunami] Giant Crocodile Escapes from Cage and Starts Hunting Human | Action / Horror | YOUKU

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